Graduate school can be expensive...

And whether you’ve been out on your own and working for a few years or are planning to go straight from college, the options for funding it can seem daunting. Do you borrow from retirement? Cash out savings or home equity? Borrow federal or private student loans? Will going to school part-time while continuing to work really save you money? What other options are out there?

How We Can Help

CauseEDU provides both annual plans and one-on-one consultations to help you figure it all out. Our low-cost, comprehensive graduate school funding plans cover such topics as:

  • Selecting a school that makes sense both financially and for your career goals

  • Evaluating and negotiating financial aid offers

  • Determining how to pay for school (and how not to pay for it)

  • Calculating the “True Cost” of your desired graduate school experience

  • Developing a budget that works for you

  • Common financial pitfalls to avoid