The CauseEDU Advantage

Our online plans provide students and their families with unbiased, comprehensive, reasonably priced financial coaching to help you through the college funding process. We will help you determine the *true* cost of the experience your student wants to have and help you build an action plan to fund it.

We don’t just cover student loans, scholarship searches, grants, and savings, but go beyond, showcasing strategies that will reduce your overall college costs while allowing your student to have their desired college experience.

What We Cover

  • Understanding the Process

    Our College Funding Strategies course walks you through the entire funding process, culminating in an action plan to pay for college.

  • Determining the True Cost

    Our calculators help you find the hidden costs of college and develop a budget specific to your desired experience for each year of school.

  • Finding The Right College Fit

    Cost isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a school. CauseEDU helps you identify schools that are the best overall fit for you.

Unexpected College Expenses?

The CauseEDU Crowdfunding Platform may be right for you.