28% of College Students Will Drop Out of School Because of Money

And the remaining 72%? Many of those students will struggle financially through school (but make it), and many others won’t go to their top choice or have their best college experiences because they don’t think they can afford it. Money plays such an important role in the college experience, and yet so few families have an understanding of the college funding process or financial strategies that will ensure their student has the best possible experience to position them for future success.

The truth is that lack of understanding can cost you - significantly. Relying on a school's reported "Cost of Attendance," not negotiating financial aid offers, not understanding the various sources of funding for school or how to reduce expenses, are all pitfalls that families fall into that can diminish the chances that their student will graduate from the school they want to attend with the experience they want to have.

CauseEDU can help. Our online programs provide families with unbiased, comprehensive coaching to help you through the college funding process. We will help you determine the *true* cost of the college experience your student wants to have and help you build sound strategies to pay for it.

Our Programs Offer

  • Live Online Sessions

  • "Homework" and other assignments that culminate in a solid plan of action to fund your student's education

  • Group Office Hours for questions about course content

  • Engaging videos for "deep dives" into important topics

  • A Group Chat for additional support and accountability

  • Access to our online Library of resources

  • Alumni benefits including additional resources to guide you through the process

  • Alumni discounts on future offerings

Our Flagship Program

"College Funding Strategies: How To Increase Funding, Decrease Expenses, and Maintain Your Peace of Mind."

We offer both a self-paced program and a cohort option, which is ideal for families of high school juniors or seniors, or those who just need more accountability.